H&C Services

Who we are

We are a group of data scientists with proven experiences of successful AI consulting delivery over 10+ years in manufacturing, telco and insurance field. Our skillset covers both languges (Python, R and MATLAB) and solutions like DataRobot and TigerGraph.

We are a service partner with DataRobot and soon with TigerGraph.


We do a quick PoV less than a month, or regular project engagement where modeling and operationalizing your AI use cases concerned, using open sources or solutions per your favorites.

  • DataRobot Success Program : CFDS (office hours) and/or AIE (engineering for integration)

  • TigerGraph : PoV leading and service for regular project


Fintech & Banking

  • Forecasting of Staffing

  • Forecasting of loan application

MFGer of Heavy Equipement

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Forecasting of demand

MFGer of CPG

  • Forecasting SCFI (Shanghai Containter Freight Index)

  • Predictive modeling of Best Seller Rank in Amazon

Power Plant

  • Forecasting Wind/Solar power generation

  • Anomaly detection on the boiler system

MFGer of Cosmetics

  • Predictive modeling for Recipe Control System

MFGer of SmartPhone & Semicon.

  • Optimization of CDN subscription for OTA upgrade

  • Test statistics for active/inactive device detection

MFGer of Steel

  • Anomaly detection for continuous casting

MFGer of Semicon.

  • Optimization of engineering parameters using AI and HPO

  • Predictive modeling on the thickness of etched wafer

Life Insurer

  • Detect potentially problemati customers relying on VOC record

  • Customer churn modeling

P&C Insurer

  • Fraud detection for hospitalization

  • Target marketing optimization

Business registration number : 164-86-02363, Seoul, Korea

Contacts : woonpyo.hong@hncservices.info

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/woonpyo-hong-277b0424/